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Baby Fat, Act 1 - Vinyl 2xLP


Recess Records / Monona, Red Vinyl

Double LP

Scene 1
A1 Il Tremendo Fantasma (Baby Fat Overture)
A2 Attention!
A3 So Long Mojo
A4 Tower Of Talent
A5 All Winter Long
A6 I've Got VD
A7 Kewpie Doll
B1 The Entourage
B2 Baby Fat's Got A Girlfriend
B3 God Damn You
Scene 2
B4 Satan Leapt
B5 Things Aren't So Bad After All
B6 Living Hell
C1 Thine Eyes Of Mercy
C2 Creeping In Silence
C3 Here To Stay
C4 Cursed
C5 In The Pale Light Of The Midnight Sun
C6 Disharmony 1
Scene 3
D1 I'm A Lonesome Wolf
D2 Just For Now
D3 Poveretta
D4 We Never Knew
D5 Without Belief
D6 Sleeping Beauty
D7 Disharmony 2
D8 Bound To Fall